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volice mail works but phone does not ring

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volice mail works but phone does not ring

voice mail works but phone does not ring

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Re: volice mail works but phone does not ring

1) If you get a dialtone on the phone set, you may have an issue with the ringer volume on the phone.  Make sure your phone works, and your phone cable is good.


2) If you don't get dialtone, as you can not "hangup" the phone, then try resetting the modem. 


(Backgrouind Info) The modem connects via a "fat" computer networkng cable "RJ45" ethernet cable to your computer/router, and the smaller "twisted pair" telephone outlet plug into your phone set and the modem.  The "set top box" that connects to your TV then is done via HDMI or 5 "component cables" that insert into common audio/video jacks.  Make sure the phone is connected via cables  before rebooting or you will have to do it again as the modem needs to make sure your devices are registered on the network..


3) Between the input from the outside service and the phone jacks, look for a small hole the size of the lead in a #2 pencil. 


4) Use a push pin or a mini screwdriver or a paper clip and push it into the hole.  The lights will blink, then all but one will go out for about 30 seconds. 


5)The modem will auto-reboot with all lights coming on at once, then the will begin accessing the internet, lighting up right to left, and the last two are the phone connections that should be blinking on and off regularly when the phone is ready to try. 


6) Use a cell phone to call yourself to test that caller ID, voicemail and all that works OK.  Then, leave yourself a "thank you very much" message for being so tech savvy!!