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I have had a very bad day with my phone service. It all started with a viris on my internet which was cleared up. I talked to the tecnician then I hung up. She did a amazing job but I beleive some files may have been deleted in which my land line was on. I am no  techi so I am not sure. But I called the 800 number   which I beleive gets rounted to Jamaica or an Island somewhere in the west indies. Not sure if they have a supervsior first they said he was on a call I called back second said he would transfer me, then a strange ring came through my phone so I really could not  hear (the person who was on the phone) not the suepervisor. Question is is there really a supervisor on that end.  I live in Washington DC could not get a number for this area code to contact someone. My son died last week. I need the land line for funeral arrangments, oh by the way this was last Friday April 3rd this started and the earliest a technician could get to me would be today Sunday April 5th, 2015.No one called my cell to let me know they were here. Infact I called first at 11:30 just  to make sure they were coming and I was told I had 27 minutes left for them to come. The time was set up for 10:00am-12:00pm. So I called back at 12 and a recording told me a tech had been here. (Not True). So when I called back the person said he was so sorry he could schedule me for tomorrow. Now this started Friday morning at around 1:00am or so My step son died and through my land line arrangements have been and are being made family is calling about the when's and where. I never talked to a supervisor on that end. Ended up with another router number the young lady was very very helpful. She tried to see if they had a tech they could send today. This is in the Philapines. She called some numbers of agents here in Washington  DC but no answer that could be because it was on a Sunday. I work and I have my cell phone with me. I work in a libray so most of the time the phone is off. Now I need to take another day off of work to deal with this. I must say this is the worst set up business wise I have ever had in my 61 years on earth. When someone ask to talk to your supervisor you just get them. I do not know why the persons would not turn me over to him/her. Is there a bad business practice going on which would have them fear for their jobs if a supervisor was involved. That would scare me to. Families to feed. I signed up with Ifinity which is nothing but COMCAST so whey the two names. Does anyway have a number for Washington DC support started with a 202 zip code. please please post it.