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ring back

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ring back

My comcast phone constantly rings back whenever I call an automated system and then disconnect. This happens also with phone calls that I hang up first.  This never happened with ATT.  Comcast has never been able to fix problem.


An expert on this board posted an answer last year but I am not sure what is means>


Myself, I would be blaming the phone as if you hang up, it is bouncing the switchhook, causing the eMTA to go into call hold.  When this happens, the phone would ring back reminding you that you place the call on hold.  To explain, you hang up, the switchook bounces and the eMTA supplies a new dial tone.  Since there is no new call being placed, the eTMA rings back to say you had placed a call on hold (accidently), and because the other end hung up, there is no one there.


I would blame it on the phone with a switchook bounce, instead of haniging up fully, it is flashing the switchook, creating a new dial tone that eventually times out, ringing back the phone.


This also does happen to people on POTS lines when they have 3 way calling, and bounce the switchook instead of hanging up fully.



I would appreciate any help