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"Nomorobo call blocking is disabled"

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Trying to sign up for Nomorobo on Xfinity/Comcast voice. I follow all the instructions, and do the test call. I pick up after three rings and get the message "Nomorobo call blocking is disabled", and my phone remains marked as "x Not Protected" in a red splotch. Huh?


See my forwarding pane below.


BTW, before this, I had other troubles, so I contacted Comcast and, according to Nomorobo's instructions, had them reset the "Advanced Call Forwarding". Took the "Voice Provisioning Team" a half hour to do it, but they say they did it.


Can someone illuminate this problem? I want Nomorobo! I have to ask if ANYONE has successfully connected their Comcast voice to Nomorobo. FWIW, I have voicemail shut off, as I want my own answering machine to pick up. I was told that this would have no effect on Nomorobo signup.


Comcast voice has been a bloody trial since I got it, and the trial continues.

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Eh, 70 views and no insights.


Well, yes, this is  probably a Nomorobo problem more than a Comcast problem, though Nomorobo sure isn't easy to communicate with. Actually, in their instructions, if something goes wrong, Nomorobo points to Comcast, and when I was on the line with Comcast tech support, they were blaming Nomorobo. The user interface on this is a piece of c**p, which doesn't help matters any.

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So I call Comcast. They say "Duh, not us, we think." Then I contact Nomorobo (who don't offer phone support, just e-mail support). They get back to me quickly and say "Thanks for reaching out. Your account is being affected by a glitch on the Comcast site. I'm going to send your case over to our contact there, and get them to fix it for you. I will get back to you as sooon as possible with an update."


A glitch on the Comcast site? Hard to believe! Not.


Well, I don't hear anything for five days, and then I see, on the Nomorobo "Phones" page, that the phone line is now protected. So they did it. Finally.


Case closed. Another ding for Comcast.



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So I think I have Nomorobo set up on Xfinity voice. What I would like to understand is what evidence I get when a call is denied by Nomorobo. When a call is denied by Comcast, that call is logged with 0 seconds connect time. Is there any such evidence that Nomorobo is denying calls (besides just having single-ring calls)? I mean logged evidence, with the number that was denied.

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OK, I think I've puzzled it out. CLEARLY Nomorobo is doing it's job when the phone rings once and then stops. But I wanted to know exactly what was going on. Who was getting hung up on.


When you use Xfinity "Call Blocking", it's all very clear. In "Call History", the number that is designated as one to be blocked is listed when they call, but that call is recorded as having a "Duration" of 0 seconds. Yep, they didn't even connect. Xfinity just shut 'em down immediately.


When you use Nomorobo, it's a little more complicated. In "Call History" the number that gets blocked is listed when they call, and that call is recorded as having a "Duration" of 7-12 seconds. Huh? No one answers! Oh yes they do. Nomorobo answers, identifies it as a spammer, and delivers a smackdown message to them. That's what takes 7-12 seconds.


Now, if you still have numbers listed in "Call Blocking" when you have Nomorobo protection turned on, those numbers will still show "Duration" of 0 seconds in "Call History", even if Nomorobo would know to block them. That is, Xfinity blocks them before anyone can pick up, including Nomorobo.


So this way you sorta have a record of who Nomorobo blocked in your "Call History". That is, assuming you don't ever pick up the phone and talk for 7-12 seconds.


I'm managing Nomorobo protection for an Xfinity phone that is owned by a relative who is a complete technical and voip novice. That is, they don't have a clue, and I don't get their phone calls. But I can have a clue for them.

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Slight correction. Looks like Nomorobo is logging rejected calls with "duration" ranging from 3 - 12 seconds.


I should say that I find it a little uncomfortable that you can't poll Nomorobo to find out if a particular phone number is blocked. That is, I have a few numbers  in "Call Blocking", and I'd remove them from that if I knew for sure  that Nomorobo would block them. Guess I'll just remove them, and see if it does. But if it doesn't, that will cost me some effort. Also, if I get a new phone number that was retired by some scammer, it sure would be nice to know if Nomorobo was going to block it! Of course, such a tool would be useful to robocallers as well, in that they could select phone numbers that weren't on the Nomorobo block list.


I contacted Nomorobo and asked about this. They said, "Sure! Send us a list of numbers you want to check on.". I did, and they never responded. Twice.




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Also, Nomorobo rejected calls show up in Call History as "Received" with, as I said, a short "Duration". Call Blocking blocked calls show up in Call History as "Missed", with zero seconds Duration. That's because Call Blocking blocked calls never ring. Nomorobo blocked calls ring once.

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Two weeks after I asked, Nomorobo verified that a short list of phone numbers I sent them *are* in their blacklist. There is no way, at present, to check on this yourself.