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international calls

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international calls

I have had comcast for a month and the very first day I had my service, someone made bogus calls to Liberia to the sum of $374.88.  I don't know how they did it but I know that I did not call Liberia.   As a matter of fact, I have never used the home phone at all and the only reason I have it is to allow me to open my gate at my apartments when I have a visitor.  My cell phone number has a different area code. 


I have called comcast 3 times trying to get a credit.  The first agent told me that they know this is a problem and said they were investigating and would issue me a credit within a few days.  I called again and was told the same thing.  The third time, I got an agent that told me it takes 3 months and that I had to pay it and then Comcast would owe me money after my account was credited!!!!!  He also told me that my services would be canceled if I did not pay it.  I got so upset and  had to ask for a supervisor 10 times before he would transfer me to one. What a rude person.


I got a supervisor and he transferred me to someone in Miami who told me me that I did not have to pay for the bogus charges and assured me that my service would not be interrrupted so I guess I will see in a few days when my bill is due and I don't pay it. 


If Comcast knows this is a problem, why would the agent tell me that I had to pay for calls that I did not make and was rude about it too?   I didn't think Comcast could afford any further bad publicity?  I did threaten to call my local news outlet and report Comcast!