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call screen bug: 000-000-0000 not a valid number!

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call screen bug: 000-000-0000 not a valid number!

I get sucker calls on occassion from 000-000-0000 as displayed by the caller-id.


Trying to do call screen on 000-000-0000 using the phone gets a the number is invalid!  Even unsing the #01 to have the previous call listed as a number to be added to the call screen list prompts a "number is invalid".  Huge bug.


The caller-id number displayed should be able to be on the call screen list; it is a program bug where the "1" prefix is displayed as part of the caller's number instead of being ignored.  I mean that's who the system recognized as the caller!.


The call screen function should be fixed.


Re: call screen bug: 000-000-0000 not a valid numb

That number, and others like it are comcast autodialers calling to make sure your line is "live"  (still connected) and they sell the numbers to telemarketers. Telemarketers only pay for "live" numbers. Comcast won't do anything about it.