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Won't Port my old number

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Won't Port my old number

I'm being told by a sales rep that Comcast can't port my Verizon number. It is my understanding that they are require to port numbers as long as you don't move to a different geographical location. I live on a street that is split between two area codes, I am only 1/2 mile from the split. I tried to get the rep to understand this but I was told they only can give a me a new number in the other area code. That doesn't sound right to me.


Thanks to anyone who can shred some light on this.

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Re: Won't Port my old number

It is most likely due to E911 compliance. If the number is not in the correct rate center, we would not be able to port the number due to E911 routing.

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Re: Won't Port my old number

Areas of service are determined by what are known as a rate center, which is set by the FCC. No phone provider in the industry can circumvent these guidelines regarding rate centers. Going after the FCC will get you nothing more than a headache.


The new location that you are moving to must have a rate center that is the same as your current address. I have seen situations where a customer has moved across the street with a different rate center and unable to port their number


Ask the agent to check rate centers of both locations for a match. If they match your number can be transferred/ported, if not you will have to take what is called native number. (comcast assigned)  If the agent does not know how to check, ask to speak to a lead, who should know this procedure. Hope this helps




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Re: Won't Port my old number

This answer makes no sense. The man said he is not moving, just changing to comcast service. I am having the same issue. I live in one town, but my rate center exchange is from the next town over most likely because I am on the border of the town. Why would it be any different for E911 if I have verizon or if I have comcast? This is the number verizon gave me when I moved there 11 years ago, so how could they give me that number if they aren't allowed to circumvent the FCC rules? Again, I am not moving just changing providers? Someone please make this more clear to us who don't quite understand. It seems like something is fishy here!