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Voicemail Issues Who Handles Them on the Site?

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Voicemail Issues Who Handles Them on the Site?



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Who do I contact on issues I am having in it?


You can forward:

1. Can't change time zone!
~  Been in California time since Nov 23, 2015...
2.  No DELETE option on Received Calls
3.  No DELETE option on Answered Calls
4.  Not all calls show on TV Caller ID!
~  2x of 5 calls, 1x of 3 calls
5.  Not all calls show in Voice Mail Log!
6.  Most every call literally shows up the next morning in the Voice Call Log in Answered Call!!!!
~  Your tech call for 3-5 appt today showed up right away in Voice Mail box in here! .. ODDITY
~  Rarely look at Voice Mail cause I delete them on the phone thru X99!
(Calls recently started showing in Voice Box, always empty before!)
7.  I don't get all my calls!
8.  People do not get all my calls!
9.  Not all calls show anywhere! 
~  I have noted the last 4 digits that show on TV, then check Voice Call lists and # is no where!
10.  So many times the call does not show on TV!  .. It may show on X99 or maybe the next am on Voice Call's Answered Calls! .. 
No guarantee a call will show up any where!!!
Revamp this site!
~ I hate having all the duplicate calls showing!
~  I LOVE having the history from day one!!!!
Tech supervisor had no idea who to contact about these issues in here!
~ SAD!
Thank you