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Tel 1 light blinking and all phones are on the hook.

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I was trying to call my house today, and it was going directly to Comcast voicemail. I get home, no one has been using the phone all day, I look at the modem and the tel 1 light is blinking. So I checked all the phones and everything was on the hook. I picked up one phone, and a bunch of static with no dial tone.  I called Comcast up, they rep I talked told me to unplug the phone line to the modem, and plug in a phone directly into the modem, that appeared to work. So I then unplugged the phone from the modem, and plugged the original phone line back in, and tested the phone, the dial tone was there and there was static.  At this time my cell phone dropped the call, so I had re call Comcast again, on my home phone and there was a bunch of static while connecting to Comcast and then it went away.  The next rep I talked to said, to go around the house and unplug all the phones, which I did and there was still some light static, so she scheduled a for a tech to come out, then I hang up the phone, and I notice the tel 1 light is blinking again, and when I pick up the phone its just static with no dial tone.  It seems the modem does not want to hang up the call.  I went into the and did a modem reset, hopping that might fix it, but it did not fix anything. I m not sure if pulling the battery from the modem might help. 


 I have Motorola sbv5220 modem. Also the last few days we got a lot of snow in my area, and it’s melting a little bit today.  Internet is working fine and so is the TV.

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I figured out, that you can plug a phone directly into the modem, and that seems to be working fine, and no static.  Comcast tech will be comming out tomorrow afternoon
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anon1234565 wrote:
I figured out, that you can plug a phone directly into the modem, and that seems to be working fine, and no static.  Comcast tech will be comming out tomorrow afternoon

Replace the wire with a new/different one.
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Comcast tech came out today, and the problem is fixed.  He first removed the old  comcast digital phone box from outside, since he said, that should have been removed when they setup new phone service.  He then checked all the phone jacks in the house, one of them he said was having a problem, so he changed the wires, and the static was gone, did some more testing, and theres no more static on the line, and when I hang up calls on the house they hang up.   I still find it weird having the service for  6 months and it worked fine, it mess up.  Well comcast tech fixed the problem, so I m happpy.  Is there a way I can call comcast and talk to his manager/supervisor and mention he did a good job and he was really friendly and considerate?  The last couple of times comcast was out for tv service they were kind of iffy, but this tech was really good, so +1 for Comcast.

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Dear Anon1234565,

I’m pleased to hear that your service is now working correctly. Even though I do not have a way of putting you in touch directly with his supervisor, I do have his technician ID; I'll be glad to pass on your comments to his supervisor. If you need anything else please let us know.

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