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Self purchased equipment for Phone & Cable

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I needed to upgrade my cable modem because it has been 10 years.  I looked on line and at the accepted/compatibility list on Comcast's site for Modems and found that the Motorola 6141 would be good and had positive reviews.  At the same time, I purchased a new wireless router (ASUS RT-AC66U) which also had very good reviews (sure, the N66U was more favored, but about the same).  After setting up the Modem and registering the MAC with Comcast and I was on line again, I started thinking I would transition my land-line home phone from Verizon to an online VOiP type service.  Since my Modem and Router did not have a standard telephone jack, I purchased a Grandstream HT-701 ATA (ATA - analog telephone adapter).
Motorola 6141(cable modem)
ASUS RT-AC66U (wireless router)
Grandstream HT-701 (ATA)
I have the Modem working fine, and will swap out my old wireless router in the near future.  I followed the instructions to set up the Grandstream ATA and I have a dial tone (of course it won't dial out because it doesn't have phone service yet), so I called Comcast and told them that I was interested in getting their phone service and thought it should have been straight forward, I have all the equipment set up and working and thought I should have just had to give my MAC address for the ATA.  Comcast said that I would have to ditch the equipment I purchased an give them $7+/month rental on a new Modem & router.  I tried to work with Comcast but they seem to be unable to figure this kind of configuration out.
Am I destined to throw out my new modem/router/ATA equipment and incur more monthly debt with a $7-8 modem/router rental if I wanted to stay with Comcast and have their Voice service?  Even if Comcast says I wouldn't have to pay the monthly fees, I feel like I've wasted a $200+ in equipment, as it's past the return window.  Seems strange since there are so many sites selling this equipment, I wonder where they can use it.
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You can certainly use the RT-AC router, it works much better than any comcast gateway,

you can try to use your SIP device with some free phone service like google voice.

It is harder to configure than some choices  http://www.amazon.com/GrandStream-HT286-Analog-Telephone-Adapter/dp/B000IDUH52 


If you can get google voice to work you can avoid paying for comcast voice, though it is not expensive in triple play.

Try using it with google voice

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Here is something else I found under free sip phone


 Here are a bunch of free sip providers, which should work with ipkall, and your sip phone.  http://voip.about.com/od/sipandh323/tp/Free-Sip-Providers.htm

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Here is how to setup a sip to google voice connection  http://nerdvittles.com/?p=832

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Thanks so much for your replies.  I take it there isn't a simple adapter that Comcast would provide if I did want to get their service and keep my other equipment.  I thought the Motorola 6141, since it was on their approved list for eMTA, would have worked fine with the ATA.  If there is an adapter, and I only wasn't able to use the ATA, I'd rethink the options since that was only about $30.


Thank you again and I will look into the links you provided.

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comcast uses cable voice which is not the same as sip and needs a special emta

CHeck with your local office if they allow purchase, easiest is to purchase from best buy if you want to buy an emta


then it will be setup properly.


Comcast uses the Arris tm722g and Arris tm822g modems, or the Arris tg862  gateway which is a horrible wireless router.  So if you want a modem that you can own that will work with voice you need to get one of those kind that they sell, at the best buy.  Some people have bought these in other places and got them connected, but it is somewhat of a hassle to get it setup.  Supposedly if the best buy way is best.


However since you have your sip gadget you might try getting it to work with some free voice in the mail and report back to us whether it works ok or not.