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The past few months I have gotten alot of phones from  this one solititor. I put my name on the do not call list to stop them


I then added the code that should stop people with the UNKNOWN NAME AND NUMBER from calling


Well I know it works because one of my friends has to enter a code to call me. Otherwise she is told we are blocking blocked numbers.



Well today once again I got a phone call. ring ring- name unknown- I pick up

CHARLIE: Hello, is Mr Arden Townsend there? (Stong accent)
 ME: This is Arden Townsend, and last time I looked I was not a mister

CHARLIE: Oh, ok Miss Townsend this is Charlie from Microsoft Computer Experts

ME: Excuse, can I please speak to your supervisor?

CHARLIE: What did you request ma'am

ME: Please get a supervisor on the phone because I have asked your company to stop calling me

CHARLIE: One moment ma'am (5 second pause- then same voice)

SEAN: This is Sean, I am Charlie's supervisor how can i help you

ME: OK, um yeah right- Now Sean- I know your Charlie. I want to know how you got passed my DO NOT CALL LIST and MY BLOCK UNKNOWN PHONE NUMBER LIST.

SEAN/CHARLIE- You don't beleive me is Charlie? I mean Sean? We enter code to call you.
 ME: Well I want you to stop calling me because it is harrasing me. I am tired of the dozens of calls. It is because of you that I placed the cannot call unless you unblock number, and your telling me you got a code to by pass that. SEAN/CHARLIE: OK, me not call. Goodbye (then hung up)  MY QUESTION IS HOW CAN I STOP THESE BLASTED PHONE CALLS? This is getting rediculous that I turn on the option of you cannot call if phone is blocked which I know works because I have a friend who has her name and number blocked. I contacted her and she called me back. She cannot get passed by BLOCKED NUMBER LIST. I want these people to stop calling me. I want these phone call to stop. This person admitted they had a code to bypass the block number. Help me get it stopped NOW.