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Re: Latency and Low Upload speed

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Re: Latency and Low Upload speed

I have the same issue (on a comcast business account.)  When I call them, they tell me it's been assigned to someone and that he has two weeks to report back.  Meanwhile, I have no phones (since VoIP is highly affected by this issue.)  How on earth does Comcast think it's okay on a business account to have a 2-week window to simply 'report back???' 


Meanwhile, no one that I call will even admit a problem. Though I did manage to get the direct number for the local manager, who emailed me that he's aware of the issue, that other customers in the area are having it, and that they're working on it.  But now, he won't take my calls or respond to emails anymore. And calling the 800 number--that's a total waste of time.  They just keep telling me to power cycle my modem.


Comcast has got to be the most frustrating vendor in the world to work with.  I've never had a good experience with them.


If anyone figures out a fix or work around, please let me know.  Otherwise, I guess I have no choice but to sit here and wait 2 weeks for comcast to get back to me.