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Private Name/Private Number: Advice

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Private Name/Private Number: Advice


For the past week I've been getting call from some collection agency looking for somebody who isn't me. Apparently, these knuckleheads have a listing for this guy that has my number. I've had my number for over 3 years! I try to tell them they have wrong number and the reply "I don't think so" or "we'll see". They are pretty aggressive too. I'm going to start letting VM pick it up, but is there any action I can take to stop this **bleep**? I even told the one **bleep** that she should do multiple reverse lookups on White Pages sites.

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Re: Private Name/Private Number: Advice

Do a Google search on "phone calls from collection agency" or something similar.  I found lots of information.  Just follow the advice you find.  It may involve writing a letter, if they keep calling you.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides you a lot of power over these vultures.
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Re: Private Name/Private Number: Advice

Get the name of the agency, where it's located,  and the phone number.
Write it down.
Then explain once more the situation.
FIRMLY let them know that if you receive any more calls from them
you will contact the attorney general of the state they are in.
If they still continue to call, be prepared to do exactly that.

Re: Private Name/Private Number: Advice

You can also set up the call screening "feature". Once I was able to get it working I added the numbers I didn't want to answer. So far it has been working great.
You only have 12 numbers available. Make sure that YOU save every number you have added to the "feature". This way you can go back to delete any old numbers & update to new numbers.
Of course I think that most of the collections/telemarketers have a bank of phones to dial out. So be prepared to update your numbers.
And remember, **It is not Comcast's responsibility to keep track of any numbers used by customers in the call screening "feature".  **