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Prices change daily and we haven't even installed


Prices change daily and we haven't even installed

We're having our 2 voice lines and 1 fax line converted to Digital Voice. At first I was told $39.95 for the first voice line and $20 for the second and $10 for the fax. This matches their price list found at the comcast website. Now I'm told that since their modems can only deal with 2 phone lines a second modem must be installed for the 2nd voice line. And that is treated as a separate account which means the two you have to start over in the pricing tier. All this time I thought Qwest was the single most **bleep** up company on earth. Comcast must have bought their billing system from Qwest. So I'm being asked to take it in the rear only because their modems can only handle two lines. I'm seriously considering cancelling all this and staying with what works.
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Re: Prices change daily and we haven't even installed

Hi beckbird,

I apologize for the problems you have been having getting your service installed.

As you mentioned, the problem here is that the telephone modem that we use to provide your Comcast Digital Voice service can handle two lines and that the billing system is currently only equipped to support a single modem on a single account.

As the modem is capable of handling two lines, that limitation is reflected in our billing system. In most parts of the country, we have come up with the work-around that you described in order to accommodate customers who require three or more lines.

We are continually working to improve our customers' experience of our services. I will ensure that your comments are reported.

Thanks for your post!