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Poor Reliability -- Internet and Phone

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For the last month or so I have been experiencing intermittent outages of my phone and HSI. I lose all the modem lights, but cable TV continues to work fine. The modem goes down for 5 – 10 minutes, then it comes back up for 2 – 3 minutes, then it goes back down. This can repeat for hours. Last night it went on for ~ 3 hours, now the service is fine.

I’ve reported the problem three times, but it’s still happening. About 2 weeks ago Comcast said there was a problem in my area, after about 20 hours of outage the service was restored. I called customer service this AM, but they tell me they have no records of past outages and suggested I call when I’m having a problem?! (Gee, nice to know your phone provider expects you to have a backup service). When I asked them to escalate the call, they hung up on me.

So my question is. How do I get Comcast to investigate this problem? I’m sure someone, say in network operations, has records of all the outages.  And if I give them the time of an outage they should be able to tell me if something was going on in my area. But, I have no idea how to contact anybody at Comcast with technical knowledge. What else can I do?


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Contact Frank Eliason, NCO Customer Service Manager.  Frank_Eliason@cable.comcast.com

He will get you in touch with a competent support technician in your area.


Keep us updated on the outcome.
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Dear guido999,

I’m sorry for the reliability problems that you’re experiencing, but it may be best to see if the service technician that you’re scheduled for today is able to resolve the issue. If not, then we can escalate the problem to a line technician for further investigation. I'll follow-up on your account (after the technician has been there) and see if the problem has been corrrected.

Please feel free to contact me first if you wish.


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The service tech replaced the modem and it both the HSI and phone seem to be working. It took him a number of tries, and two different modems, to get things to work. He he said there was a problem with the way my account was set up and that was preventing his provisioning of the new modem. He was getting block sync but nothing else. He said the incorrect account setup might have been causing the problem in the first place. Anyway, things are working fine now, there are no messages in the modem log, but it's only been a little over an hour.

Thanks for your help,

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My saga continues...

My Comcast phone still does not work; I can place calls, but I can only receive calls from, as far as I can tell, Comcast. Comcast employees can call me on a Comcast line, but nobody else. If call my phone from a AT&T line or a Verizon cell it goes directly to voice mail. This behavior has been confirmed by Comcast.

I've contacted Frank Eliason and he was very responsive in getting the problem addressed. But, after Frank the ball has been dropped.

I was contacted from someone in the executive offices Friday and they said they wouldn't leave until my phone worked. I later got a call from a  tech that said my phone was fixed. I told him my modem diagnostics still said it had a problem and he said "trust me, its OK". Right after the call, I checked the phone from my cell, it went directly to VM. After about two hours I got a call from the exec office saying my phone was fixed. I told them it wasn't fixed and suggested they call me from a line off the comcast network. That was the last I heard from anybody on Friday.

Saturday I contacted the exec office POC and asked for a time to repair; I was told it would be looked into and I would be contacted. I heard nothing from her (btw: they have my cell number) . Saturday evening I contacted the call center. That was a waste of time! They couldn't give my a time to repair and couldn't tell me if the ticket had been escalated. The only thing they said is it might take 72 hours to repair.

Sunday, my phone still goes directly to VM.


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Yeah, my phone is fixed...


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I too have had very very unreliable service with intemitant outages of phone and internet.  Comcast has been completely unresponsible on this issue. Their reliability used to be better (like over a year ago).  Now it is the pits, and they seem to care only about growth rather than provide good service to their customers.  Moreover, they give their new customers a big discount. 
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Until I found this forum I thought Comcast customer service was pretty bad; I was about ready to cancel my phone service. But, I've found the Comcat folks here to be very responsive and helpful. Try posting your problems here or on a more appropriate forum and see if that helps.