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Placed Call Log - "Unknown" entry for voice mail


Placed Call Log - "Unknown" entry for voice mail

I happened to look at the Placed Call log on the Comcast website under Voice and noticed some "Unknown" entries.

I thought that was odd as I can't place a call without entering a number which technically means all calls are KNOWN and should be listed correctly.


After some thought I realized I had connected to voice mail on at least some of the days listed (only showed about 3 months) and didn't see any entries related to voice mail. So I did a test where I called voice mail (using *99) and listened to a saved message, then hung up. I waited for about 8-10 minutes for the website to update then told it to refresh the placed call log. Sure enough, an "Unknown" entry appeared.


My question is:

Why doesn't Comcast create a log entry that says Voice Mail or something related, such as my home phone number instead of an Unknown entry which makes someone question what it is?


Comcast "knows" I called voice mail or I would not have reached voice mail.

Is there anything I can check or do?

Is this a known "feature" or issue with the Comcast voice service?


I did see another forum post related but there was nothing entered other than to have the person send a private message to ComcastZach.