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Phone Service - NOT!

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Phone Service - NOT!

In October I attempted to save a few bucks on a common, everyday service and decided to switch my phone service from Comcast to AT&T.  During the cancellation process the Comcast representative offered [fantastic] savings for the three services if I stayed with Comcast and I accepted.  Mid-OCTOBER, I called Comcast and asked that they verify that the package savings would be in effect for November.  I was told to make sure that AT&T cancelled my order. I did, and AT&T in fact cancelled with Comcast ON October 24.  On December 1, Comcast cancelled my phone service(!)  After several hours on the phone Friday evening and again this morning; after talking to AT LEAST eight different representatives - of which 2 hung up on me; I still don't have home phone service!!!  I am now being told I cannot keep the phone number that I have had for several years, AND Comcast cannot fix the Comcast mess for another week so I am just out of luck with NO home phone service.  Now I understand why I see people in the payment office throwing their equipment across the counter!  No two people have told me the same thin, and no one can fix this mess.  I need a mailing address so that I can formally log this complaint.

 One of the reps I spoke with today told me that SIX weeks (October 24 until now) wasn't enough time to accept the cancellation order from AT&T, because - get this -- they don't work with AT&T!!!!!!  Oh my.



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Re: Phone Service - NOT!

Hi disgusted,
I truly apologize for the problems you have had with your service.  I've taken a quick look at your account and it looks like the original disconnect order was completed as you mentioned previously.  I would like to have the opportunity to see what I can do in order to help fix this problem.  I have sent you both a private forum mesesage and an email.  Please reply and I will see what I can do in order to get your Digital Voice service restored as soon as possible.
Thanks very much for your post and for your patience,