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Number porting from ATT to Xfinity

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How long does this normally take?  Has been around 3 weeks now since ordering and hasn't been ported.


There is no easy way to get ongoing information on the process.  Last thing I was told after calling Xfinity support was that the transition date was listed as 7/13.  Obviously that didn't happen.


There is not online ability thru Xfinity/Comcast to check the status of this.   There is a way to check online with ATT for porting information but it does not show anything other than no request has been made.  I presume that the ATT check is only for porting to them and not the reverse.





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I went through this recently, for weeks.  The 4th or 5th CSR I spoke with told me that I had to have someone scheduled to come to my house to complete the port.  I first request 6/12, it was completed 7/3. And I did get credit back on my bill for not having their phone service during that time.  But what a pain!

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I went to the online help and chatted with xfinity support.   After about 1/2 hour, was told that the number porting had been canceled and that I needed to call ATT.  I was not very happy to hear that to say the least but left the chat and called Xfinity support.


On the phone, I was told that the number port shows as having been completed from ATT to Comcast on 7/11 and should be working.  They put in a trouble ticket and stated that someone would call back within 24 hours.


So it would appear that the process is not exactly very smooth.  


I lean towards the phone support person having the correct information but am now somewhat concerned as the information from chat support was vastly different and somewhat concerned at this point that my ATT phone service may go down and the Xfinity service not be working leaving me without phone service.


Overall, information given on status and availabilty of status is limited or none.  This process could definitely stand improving.



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Of course, no one from Xfinity called back.   Will call them again in the morning.   Looks like nobody actually knows what is going on with it.

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its att who has to port the number over, any delays are caused by them.  comcast initiates the request and then its up to att to port the number over, comcast has no control over when or how long they will take to do it.

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I don't buy that at this point.  


Well if that is the case, Comcast should say that is the case.   I was told various things, something different everytime it was brought up.


I was told it had been canceled.  I was told it was already ported and should be working.   I was told it would be switched on 7/13.


So the information given by Comcast is not ATT faults.   


They could just say they don't know when.  Not keep changing it everytime asked. 


They could also call back when they say they will do so.  They don't.  

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Today's addition after speaking with Comcast support line.   Support individual stated that the number had been released to Comcast on 7/12 by ATT.  He also confirmed the record of calls regarding the issue plus notes  in the file stating that call backs would be made within a certain period of time.  He confirmed that there was no record of any call backs being made regarding the issue.  Then he stated that he would call the porting division and find out what was going on as everything looked as if it was completed in the record.  At that point he told me it would take him 5-10 minutes to contact the porting division and would call me back in about 5-15 minutes.   Surprise; he did follow thru and called back in about 10 minutes.


He stated that the information he got from the porting department was that the number had been released by AT&T to Comcast on 7/12 without confirmation.  I told him at that point that I had contacted AT&T and had been told that there was no record of any porting request on the phone number and that the number had not been released to Comcast. 


He stated that the porting department was in the process of calling AT&T  directly and would then give him further information; then get back to him.  I asked what was meant by released without confirmation but he did not know.   At that point, he stated that he would call me back in an hour or two after hearing back from porting to let me know what was happening.  He also stated at that point that someone from porting would call me on Monday.


He did call back as promised but still didn't know what was meant by released without confirmation and said that the porting department had put in another porting request but would not get information back from AT&T until Monday.  He stated that he would follow up and call back on Monday and that the porting department would also call on Monday.   Finally at least someone in support who appears to care and is willing to help.



What has so far transpired on the entire switch to Xfinity Voice:


  • At the time of the upgrade, a telephony modem was ordered shipped to replace my own docsis 3 internet modem.  When received, it was not a telephony modem, just a regular internet modem and I had to call support to get it switched with a telephony modem.  This switch was with a docsis 2 telephony modem even though a docsis 3 modem was requested.
  • Online activation of the modem did not work so had to call to get it switched in.  Support at this point wanted to get the phone working too, explained to them that number had not been ported yet.  Was told at this point to leave a phone attached to the modem and someone would call me on it as soon as the number had been successfully ported over from AT&T.
  • Waited a week and called support to check status of number port.  Was told at that point that the number was scheduled to be transferred to Comcast on 7/12 and would be working on 7/13 and that I would receive a call on 7/13.   No call received.
  • Called the following Monday, was told that the number was showing as ported on 7/12 and should be working.  Told at that point that someone would call back within 24 hours.
  • 7/18 did an online chat with support, after 1/2 hour or so was told that I needed to call AT&T and that the porting had been canceled and would not be completed.   At this point, I called Comcast support and was told that the number had been transferred on 7/12 and all was well.   Was told that it should be working and that I would receive a call back from Comcast with 24 hours.   Did not receive any call back.
  • 7/20 called and result is above as today's addition.



It may indeed be partially the fault of AT&T, but that does not excuse Comcast of fault in the areas where Comcast had control.   Comcast originally shipped the wrong modem, gave  several different versions of what was going on, failed on several occasions to return calls as stated, and left me with little confidence that anyone at Comcast was even seriously trying straighten out the issue.  Comcast has also basically locked access to Comcast account information with a statement on login that FCC regulations require you to enter a security pin and provides an update button that does not work.


So still waiting and depending on Monday will decide whether or not to contact the FCC and State PUC.

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I am going thru the same pain as you are now, though I'll give them a few more days.


The guy in the service center when I sign up for the service told me  the porting should be done in 5 days.


The first analyst on the chat told me it needs 8 days.


The second analyst (actually not second, there were a few in between just redirect me) said the porting dept has not has time to finish the porting and a temp number was assigned (they even told me that number), but there was just no dial tone.


Do you even have a dial tone when the porting has not been finished?

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Happy to say that it has apparently been resolved of this morning.  Phone is now working on Comcast with the old ATT number.  So barring any hickups later it appears that I did get the correct support person to fix the issue.


Was called on the new service this morning as promised.