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Nomorobo and voicemail

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I have gotten Xfinity to entirely disable voicemail on my account (in order to allow a regular answering machine to pick up). Will Nomorobo still work for me?

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Yes it will.
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Excellent. Thank you.


The source of my confusion was that in using Nomorobo, it is insisted that you set the rumber of rings to pick up for Nomorobo as the same as your phone number. Implying that your phone voicemail did, actually, pick up. Mine does not. I guess the point is that if you do have voicemail turned on, you want to make sure that Nomorobo picks up before your voicemail does. Of course, if Nomorobo picks up on the first ring, it seems unlikely that you have your voicemail set up to pick up before that.

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I do not want comcast voicemail, I have an answering machine, but want nomorobo.  If I am on the phone & somone calls in comcast message says 'mailbox number is not in service, goodbye"  Or, if my husband forgets to turn the phone off when he is done, it says number is not in service, instead of ringing busy.  Everytime comcast resets their modems because of problems in the area, storms, downed lines, etc, my callers will get this message.  I call comcast and have to speak to a lead who can get into the backend as there is a 'glitch' in the system.  This has been going on for a year and a half.  Recently, their is a call center in York, who is totally clueless about how to do anything.  Sam recently helped me, but removed nomorobo without telling me.  When I reactivate it, my callers get this message again.  They told me their is no way I can have nomorobo & not have comcast voicemail.  When I told them it was fixed a year ago by this tech, they said he was trying to 'break' their system. I said, Yeah, but it worked until comcast reset it's modems.  They said then he didn't fix it then did he?  What a bunch of idiots & bull!!  I hate comcast.  I hate the fact that people who work their say things that are not correct, not true, and just a puff of air to look busy.  Don't speak if you don't know the answer.  The tech who fixed it a year go for me said it was a known 'glitch' in the system that when their modens are rebooted, it moves everything back.  They were working on it.  He helped me set up nomorobo on my home phone while also removong the comcast bull voice message, & stayed on the line to test my phones.  I can't get anyone to do what he did.  They keep telling me it will not work & don't want to try.  I am waiting for a senior level manager to call me this morning to get it fixed.  Your anwser was 'Yes it will', but you do not say how.  Please give complete detail how to correct this problem that has wasted so much of my precious time.