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[Motorola] Caller ID on screen weirdness (CentralPA)

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[Motorola] Caller ID on screen weirdness (CentralPA)

Just a heads up to any lurkers working for Comcast, or whatever software division supplies the Caller ID on screen applet.

This week on my Motorola DCH-3416 all caller ID notices have been coming up with the large banner in the middle of the screen. You know, the same way it would appear if you were watching VOD, or in a full screen menu.

There's no options for this, and I haven't power cycled yet, but I'll try that tomorrow and I'm sure It'll come back to normal.

Just a heads up. If any customers have had this happen please report it here.

Central PA Division,
Comcast Corp # 05818 Reading, PA


What I should see...




Instead I see a banner like this, even during live TV...





Edited to attach example images c/o:  http://www.comcast.com/customers/faq/FaqDetails.ashx?Id=4490


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Re: [Motorola] Caller ID on screen weirdness (CentralPA)

I just wanted to add, I cannot even get into the Interactive TV menu.

If I try to enter the ITV menu via the quick menu, or full screen menu, the graphics just go away and no menu comes up. Any quick menu or mini-guide will no longer come up either, unless I change the channel or pull up the full screen guide.
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Re: [Motorola] Caller ID on screen weirdness (CentralPA)

It's working today. I didn't powercycle anything. I was going to, but tested it first.

The ITV menu works and the normal small semi-transparent Caller ID comes up.

Thanks to someone out there if you read this post here and acted on it.

Were using Object MACGclnt Ver 32.92
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Re: [Motorola] Caller ID on screen weirdness (CentralPA)

I realize this thread is over 3 months old....


Did you try bringing up the same screen and then calling your home number? I seem to recall getting a different type of notification on the screen depending if I was just watching a program versus having a DVR or program info screen up. 


Bill J

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Re: [Motorola] Caller ID on screen weirdness (CentralPA)

If my box gets in a spaz where the mini-guide / mini-menu and info banners do not come up without prior entering the full screen guide, then caller ID will always display in the large centered banner, like VOD, regardless of the programming.


If my box is operating normally, ie) the mini-guide / info / etc comes up right away, and I can go in and out of the ITV icon, then the smaller banner comes up on live TV and DVR programs.  The larger center banner comes up when in a menu or playing VOD content.