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Home Phone Line has Been Hacked.SOLVED/NOT HACKED

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PROBLEM SOLVED!!!  NOT HACKED AFTER TALL.  When I pushed *60, then 2, then #, it was Comcast's blocking service, not Nomorobo's.  And Comcast could not block the robo call, because they did not leave a number for Comcast to see or block.  So, Comcast's blocking technology blocked the last valid phone number.  Problem Solved.  Now, I will not attempt to block robo calls, and just let the answering machine handle it.  Sorry for the confusion.  So, there was never any hacking.  Just the technology of the robo folks to not leave a number.

In the morning of March 9, 2017, I phoned for Technical Support.  I also had done so several days prior to March 9, on March 4 and March 6.  We have a problem with our phone being "Hacked".  On March 4 I did finally get to a technical person who said she ran a test on our line and found nothing wrong.  The problem was not resolved, so then, I phoned Customer Support again on March 6. I was always very nice to everyone, and most of them were nice to me.  I was "cut off from Comcast's end" each of the 5 or 6 times that I called.  I had spent 1.5 hours and mulitple calls without any help or explanations.  Finally, I had to leave and go to an appointment.  The frustrating thing was that nobody ever called me back.  The line just went dead.  So, on March 9, I began at about 7:50 a.m., optimistic and cheerful, and got through a lot of people (each one passing me onto another) before I finally got to someone who was supposed to work in the fraud division.  So, I gave him my cell phone number to call me back in case we got cut off.  Well, guess what, the line again went dead.  He never called back on either line.  So, you can figure out that by now, I am not happy.  But still not angry.  It took 30 to 40 minutes of phone time.  At 9:00 a.m.I drove out to the local Comcast Store.  Nice lady, but she said she could not help me, and she set up an appointment for a Phone Repair Man to come to my house.  Jeff came that morning.  Very nice man, he checked the cable, the modem and all is okay.  The Comcast Office Lady that I spoke to in person showed me how to hook up to MY Account on the web, and be able to get records of all calls: coming in, missed and going out.  It showed a lot of robo calls from Private Callers or Unknown Callers.  I printed it out and gave it to the repair guy, Jeff who said he would show them to his boss.  I told him that the "help people" kept hanging up on me.  He said all he was trained to do was make sure the phone equipment worked but try to get his boss to help me.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM:  OUR PHONE HAS BEEN HACKED.  Someone has our Metadata.  We get Robo calls.  We are signed up for NoMorrobo.com.  The calls that come in say "Private Caller, Out of Area", so when I go to block them, the number that Nomorobo blocks is the last number of a friend or business who called us, from someone that we wanted the calls from.  So, I unblock the my newly blocked number.  Here is the deal, they could not be using "the last connected real phone number, phone call that we answered"  (ones coming from Real People and Real Businesses) unless they had a way to KNOW IT.  They are spoofing or spaming their phone number, and a a real one that we received is the one they "use".  We have called everyone whose number they are using, and confirmed that they did not call us.  So, I asked each Comcast Help Person if they could find out where the hack is and to fix it.  A computer expert friend asked me to ask Comcast Technical People if there is a Firewall and if it is hacked or breached.  I got to ask that once, then the person put me on hold and hung up.  I can understand your people hanging up on me if I was angry or nasty.  I can guarantee if you listen to any of the calls....if you recorded them....I was always polite.  A few times I specifically asked for and got reassurance that they would not cut me off without calling back.  Maybe NOMOROBO.com has been hacked?  Anyway, I am an attorney, my wife and I REALLY LIKE COMCAST, however, if I can't get a real person to call me and talk with me and solve this problem, I am going to try and figure out how to write a letter to the Regional Executive or President of the Comcast.  If I can't figure out how to do that, then I am going to go to the Washington State Consumer Affairs people and file a complaint.  All I want is to talk to a Fraud person or Security person who will help us solve the problem. One Comcast Helper suggested they can block all "Private Callers", but that would prevent some of our friends from getting through and a doctor office and some businesses.  Also, we could change our phone number.  But, if we have been hacked once, what is to stop it again.  I am requesting action and communication from your folks.  If the Robo Bad Guys have the information of "who was our last legitimate caller", then they know about everyone we are talking with.  One of the calls was a long distance call that we received.  So, I will be awaiting your phone call and either an in person meeting with someone who can help us in Vancouver, Washington where we live, or someone who can speak to me in plain English and very slow and professional.  Some of the help people talked too fast, and most of them did not want to read the prior helpers computer notes before I explained the problem again.  I have explained the problem about 8 times or more.  No help yet.  I appreciate you folks are busy.  I look forward to hearing back from you.  You will find a cheerful, friendly customer.  Thank You

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We apologize that you are experiencing issues with your home phone service. Just so you know, per the FTC "some prerecorded messages (Robo calls) are permitted — for example, messages that are purely informational. That means you may receive calls to let you know your flight’s been cancelled, reminders about an appointment, or messages about a delayed school opening. But the business doing the calling isn’t allowed to promote the sale of any goods or services. Prerecorded messages from a business that is contacting you to collect a debt also are permitted, but messages offering to sell you services to reduce your debt are barred.


Other exceptions include political calls and calls from certain health care providers. For example, pharmacies are permitted to use prerecorded messages to provide prescription refill reminders. Prerecorded messages from banks, telephone carriers and charities also are exempt from these rules if the banks, carriers or charities make the calls themselves."


With our service, without a specific phone number that you would wish to block, we can only block all "Private/Blocked/Out of Area" calls. There is no way to specifically block the calls you do not want to receive if there is no specific number tied to those calls. Its really either allow all "Private/Blocked/Out of Area" calls to call you or to block them all. The options for assistance from Comcast is by either helping you set up Call Screening or Anonymous Call Rejection


What we always suggest to reduce unwanted calls is to add all your phone numbers to the National Do-Not-Call registry. If you are still receiving unwanted calls, you can then file a complaint with the FTC directly here.


We also suggest the http://www.nomorobo.com site that you mentioned above. However when using this option, if you continue to receive any robo calls after signing up on that site, you must file your complaint with them directly here. To ensure that you have set up this service correctly, see here for full directions (step 6 is very important).


It is also good to note that true scam artists don’t care about screening out the phone numbers on those lists. Regardless of what you do or how strict the laws are, enforcement is challenging, especially because some of the scammers are overseas. 


Comcast will do all it can to help you reduce these type of calls, but we are limited to the options mentioned above.


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.  



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Hi Jesse,


I got the answer.

I am the one who "caused the problem".

Jonathan out of Seattle area Comcast told me that when I push *60 to block a call, it is Comcast's blocking method, not Nomorobo.

And, that Comcast only goes to the "last number" that was used, so to speak.  And, it does not block the Robo caller, because how they set up the call does not show a number.  And, he said that Nomorobo would not be able to block that kind of robo call either.


So, every time I pushed *60, and then option 2 option #, Comcast's computer was looking back to the last "number that got recorded as a received call" and blocked it.


So, whew, no hacking involved.

I want to go back and change the headline of my Forum Message, but could not figure out how to change, or edit it.

I will be happy to publicly, on the Forum to let folks know what I did, please let me know it was my fault.