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Harassing "800 service" calls

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Harassing "800 service" calls

I'm getting a lot of calls that show up as " 800 service" on the caller ID.


You pick up and nothing happens. You hang up and nothing happens.


I tried using caller block feature but I have filled it up. The 800 service has many numbers usually with the 877 prefix.


I'm getting several per day and my wife is using a walker from surgery. We can't be bothered with this.


What is going on?

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Re: Harassing "800 service" calls

I am having the same problem, but my caller ID only shows "800 Service" when I receive these calls.  Is there a way for me to screen all of these types of calls?

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Re: Harassing "800 service" calls

first of all that is a computer calling you.  Telemarketers or even firms you do business with use automated systems.  When you pick up no one is going to be there  as they are calling hundreds of people at a time, the first person who answers gets the call but it will take 15-20 seconds for that call to connect, the rest of the hundreds of people get just nothing.  So pick up the phone as soon as possible when you see 1800 service then wait for the other person on the other end to talk then tell them to put you on their do not call list.  Also make sure you have all your phone numbers registered with donotcall.gov


Re: Harassing "800 service" calls

We are also getting many "800 Service" calls, some show a number some don't.  These are very annoying.  But I also get some of these that I actually do want to take.  Try complaining to the FCC, maybe they can stop the generic "800 Service" caller ID and make the caller use their real name!?

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Re: Harassing "800 service" calls

The DNC only applies to legitimate businesses that follow the rules. People with little or no regard for the DNC will keep doing what they're doing. I've had conversations with some of these callers and have actually been cursed at when mentioning the DNC. I'm sure I'm not alone. Or you get that call from the same recording over and over... "This is your last time to save on your interest rate blah blah blah.... 'type 3 to have your number removed from calling list" you type 3 and get called again with the same message the following day...


If a reputable business is calling me, they will more often than not use an actual business name that will appear on your phone. My complaint isn't about these calls, even though I should have the right as an American citizen to have them blocked too should I desire. All callers should be required to have an actual business name and number appear on the phone. If not they should be immediately filtered. How about those political calls we get nailed with around voting time. These too will often have some cryptic name or number associated with them. I don't care what these people have to say... If I did, I'd call them myself and ask questions. Hmm... Wonder why political calls are not bound by DNC. Wouldn't take too long to figure that one out.

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Re: Harassing "800 service" calls

the fcc should get involved maybe some one there will finally earn their pay by actually doing something real instead of monitoring tv and radio for things that are part of every day life !!!

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