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Half the country has this number

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Half the country has this number

Since I signed up w/ Comcast voice three months ago, I've been getting 6 - 10 calls a day -- all wrong numbers -- from across the country, and when I ask who they're trying to call, it's always someone different.  It's as if Comcast gave this phone number to a hundred different customers


My favorite was a call from Comcast, themselves.  When asked who they thought they were calling, they gave a name that wasn't mine.  At this point I called customer service, explained the situation, and was told that there was nothing they could do.  They gave some lame non-explanation about it being a "database entry," which explains nothing.  When pressed on the matter of Comcast even knowing which of their customers they were calling, I was told that they occasionally recycled numbers (acceptable), but didn't keep track of whom the number was later assigned to (absurd and stupid).  Not even the federal government is this incompetant.  I will be moving my service back to Verizon.  At least they never called me looking for Bob Smith, or Frank Woods, or Jim Turkle, or Chan Lan Wi.