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GF moving in & wants to bring her phone # w/her...

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GF moving in & wants to bring her phone # w/her...

...the problem is we are both COMCAST customers.  Yep, the fact the we are both COMCAST customers with existing Triple Play service some how makes it impossible for Comcast to simply transfer HER existing number to my address and use HER number to replace MY number.


In fact, the 'helpful' CSR told me that the only way that we can transfer my girlfriend's number (from her soon to be old home) to my (soon to be our) home is for me to drop COMCAST and subscribe with U-Verse...btw, we both live in Atlanta about 10 miles apart so this isn't a matter of moving out of the area.

I don't know this for a fact but I just don't believe that transferring one COMCAST phone to another location is any more difficult than associating my girlfriend's phone number with the MAC address on MY modem.


Come on COMCAST employees - since I'm told that her number COULD be transferred to my address IF I didn't already have service (meaning if I terminate my service they can THEN transfer her number to my house) clearly this means there isn't really a technical issue preventing this from taking place.  Like almost everything in COMCAST-land I believe this is just a matter of finding the right person who has done this before to help us out...so, would one of you please step us and help us out ?


Thanks !