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Forward All Calls to Voicemail

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How do I make all calls go directly to voicemail.  No partial rings, no special messages, just forward all like at work when I'm away from my desk and want all calls to go directly to voicemail?  If I want to take a nap and don't want to be bothered by the phone ringing I want to block ALL CALLS, not 12, not forward them, just a simple *XX type entry so that all calls go to voicemail?  This has been available forever and I know it is here, but the help system on this website doesn't have a quick reference for those features (the asterisk followed by two numbers) where the feature is also provided with a definition.  I see call blocking which has a limit of 12, but this feature was documented or created by the communication challenged as it has a special message and is limited to 12 numbers.  And "Call Blacking" like all the other features doesn't have a link so I can get a definition to be sure this is accurate (and not just what I have found) such that I don't know if this is actually the feature I want to use. 


**Note: I know it is available, because after my 9 month old grandson played with the phone one Sunday I didn't receive calls for 3 days until a friend called on our cell and told us all our calls were going directly to voicemail.  So I know it is a *xx feature, but documented so poorly I can't figure it out.  So easy a 9 month old can activate it, so poorly documented I have to call customer service to?  What the heck.  Oh if only I wasn't price blackmailed into using your service, Vonage was better, portable, and their website took care of all my customer service needs for 8 years because it was simple and not forum based.  Vonage will be returning soon when my price break runs out in 2 more months, but in the meantime I'm stuck in bed with a bad back and am tired of listening to a phone ring when I'm not in condition to talk on the phone!!!!