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False Phone ID and number

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False Phone ID and number

My land line phone displays name and number of the calling party.  I recevied a call and the caller was my name and number.  It was a credit card company and I hung up.  How did they do this and is it legal?

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Re: False Phone ID and number

Companies the size of Xfinity, AT&T, etc need to get a handle on this stuff.  Companies hire 'hackers' to stop 'hackers' in other lines of business.  How can these corporations not get a handle on the simplest of scams - PHONES!   I realize that technology is changing every day, but they really need to start to take care of these items. 


I just got a call during a Web Conference that kept coming through.  They called like 4 times.  I do not have Caller ID on my work conference system so I thought it was family.  I answered only to find the person 1) did not speak english and 2) they now have my number.   I am the foolish one, but these scams are out of control.


I then called Xfinity to ask what the international charge is for that specific phone number (which is Trinidad/Tobago) and they told me I had to contact someone else.  I've tried 4 different ways to get one simple question answered.  


Let me put my surprised face on.   There is no customer support or value here.   I will say that Verizon jumped all over this because it happened on my work cell phone too.   They were quick, did not question, and took care of things.   THATs how customer support should work in my humble opinion.

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Re: False Phone ID and number

It has been 2 days Comcast is unable to remove the call waiting feature on my line. As a result of this I will loose two days pay as my compagny won't allow me receive calls with the call waiting feature. I called Comcast more than 5 times, and every time each agent had his own and different false assurance or explanation for the cause and the resolution of the matter . I finally begged one of them to talk to her supervisor who has promised to follow up the issue that he hopes will be resolved in 72 hours!!!