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Directory listing under two different names?

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I setup a new residential account for phone and internet.  The phone is currently list under my name.

I wanted to add my wife's name to the account so that people looking for her will find her and they

told me that Comcast's policy is to only allow one name on an account.  Actually, that is not completely

true.  They will allow two names on the account if they share the same last name.  When I check my

calendar I see that it is 2017.  But this policy seems to be from the 1950s.  It is not at all unusual

nowadays for married couples to have different last names. While investigating this I found that

Comcast's directory listing service (ecolisting.com) also has a listing for my cell number.  That number 

had been my residential number a long time ago and for that number I had been able to register it

under two different names independently, both mine and my wife's (again with different last names)

although that was before Comcast acquired Adelphia and took over cable service in my area.

I think that I might even of had to pay an additional buck or two for my monthly service to maintain

this secondary listing.  When we moved from that address, I had the number ported to my cell phone

and then terminated my residential service at that address.  So now when I do a lookup by address

on the old address, I see the current resident and their phone number as one listing, a second listing

for me (my name and current cell number) and a third listing for my wife (her name and my cell number).
The representative I spoke with was very polite and professional and said that she would forward my

concerns to her supervisor.  We also discussed that if I wanted to update the directory listing for cell

number (perhaps to change the listing for my wife to list her cell number) I would probably have to

contact my current cell phone provider to make change in the listing.  I called to make an unrelated
change in my service and speaking with a different representative I figured that I would give the request
for a secondary listing another try. This representative told me that this is not a Comcast policy but
rather an FCC regulation.  I asked the representative to provide me with a pointer to the specific
regulation that requires this and get back to me.  No response as yet.  He also suggested that I

could contact Superpages.com and they might be able to provide a secondary listing for a fee.


Any suggestions out there as to how to get a secondary listing on a Comcast residential account?