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Comcast won't port phone number out

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Comcast won't port phone number out

My husband and I recently upgraded our cell phones from the old flip phones to smart phones.  Unfortunately, Comcast is being difficult at best in allowing our phone number to be ported.  We were on the phone with the new provider last week who said that Comast told them the phone number was not a working number.  That was a lie and straight talk knew that as they called us on that number to tell us this.  Then we were on the phone being transferred around multiple times finally after 1 1/2 hours someone told us (I have his name and employee number) that it was scheduled to transfer on 8/18 which is today.  We have been on the phone with Comcast and Straight talk multiple times each day in the last week and if it is not transferred today, I will be contacting the FCC and fiing a complaint as they cannot hold the number hostage this way.  Any help from someone who has dealt with this type of problem would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Comcast won't port phone number out

I'm dealing with a similar issue right now.  NewCarrier made a request to port-out the number held by Comcast.  Comcast rejected them claiming CSR mismatch.  Comcast is claiming to have no record of the request.


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