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Comcast phone service

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I am getting very tired of comcast.  my mothers phone number has been given to other customers at random and comcast is refusing to change it back to the nuber shehas had for the last 4 or more years.  She has heart trouble and I was not able to reach her.  When I call I get a Dr. office and they told me they just got this number.  Why does comcast think they can at random change your number and not even call or inform you.  I demand they return her number to her and not let this happen again.  their customer service department is rude and are not willing to listen.  I am ready to cancel my service and hers and tell all my relatives to do the same.

I will be calling chanel 4 and 5 and let them know what comcast is doing and how they are nto willing to fix their problem.

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This was the biggest rip off I've ever encountred.  I gave Comcast the benefit of the doubt and kept their pathetic phone service for one year.  I would venture to say that in that year (8760 hours) my phone worked about 800 hours (and that's a generous estimate).  The week of Christmas this year, I could neither get a dial tone out or receive calls one single day!  Weekend before that, same thing.  The problems started shortly after I switched my service from Verizon to Comcast.  The part that really got me was, my phone would be out for days, but the minute I would call Comcast from my cell phone or go on line to report the problem, my phone would miraculously start working again (for about an hour) and then go out again.  Comcast sent a technician once who had no idea what the problem was.  Long story short, I went back to Verizon last week.  I'm on the "I hate Comcast: bandwagon.