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Callers Unable to Leave a Message

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Callers Unable to Leave a Message

Has this problem occurred for anyone else?  Friends have informed me they got a prompt of "system is not available" and were thus unable to record a message.  At least the Caller ID registered their name/time of call, so I was aware they'd been in touch with me.  They'd call back later, and have no trouble the next time...but this issue has occurred several times in the span of a week.

Thanks for listening...

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Re: Callers Unable to Leave a Message

I've had this problem part of the time for years.  Escalating this to the higher Denver tech team more than once, and all of my service team supervisors out here  -  The result?  They can't find any problem.  I've had it up to my neck.  Comcast seriously needs to get their own house in order.  They can't even provide properly functioning phone service.


Some people who call, the following happens:


(1)  I get no Caller ID beep

(2)  I get no Caller ID waiting showing on my phone or the TV

(3)  The caller goes directly to voicemail, when I have it set for 6 rings before going to voicemail.

(4)  The caller get disconnected

(5)  The caller hears nothing


Lovely to live with phone service like this, isnt' it?

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Re: Callers Unable to Leave a Message

Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Guess I can take consolation in the fact wonky things happen to others as well!

Appreciate it!

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Re: Callers Unable to Leave a Message

Tired of speaking to someone in India (who seemed to be whispering) about voicemail issue. Especially after having to respond to 20 options before I got her. She couldn't hear me either, apparently. The issue is no voice mail can be left nor can I access my voicemail. System says the mailbox I am trying to reach is "unavailable." That's crazy. I have not had voice mail since Nov. 25 per the online log of missed calls. Who can fix this issue? I just paid my Comcast bill, but it's probably time to bid Comcast farewell.

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Re: Callers Unable to Leave a Message



It has been OVER 9 MONTHS.  Your post about Digital Voice issues, I answered.


Well, to show how "Comcast Cares",  they have done NOTHING to fix the issues, but make excuses that they "can't find any problem."


Then, my local Tech Manager got p---sed off that I wrote him an email really laying it out on the table, and guess what he did?  He pushed me over to Executive Care, and I got this Al Tennyson, whom I've dealt with before, who is overbearing and told me that he is my only contact - no more talking or emailing the tech guys.


I want him OFF my case, but he won't transfer it to anyone else.


I filed a complaint about this and the Digital Voice and other problems with Comcast and asked that this be forwarded to  TOM KARINSHAK, Senior VP of the Customer Experience


 So what happens?  I simply get a phone call from some female who stated she was sending my complaint to MR. KARINSHAK, and I NEVER HEAR BACK FROM ANYONE!!!!!


What a company this is!  Disgusting, sneaky, dishonest, and NEVER FIX THE BASIC PROBLEMS WITH THEIR SERVICE!!!


I've had it, and am looking at other alternatives.  Once I leave Comcast, I will post all my negative experiences, and there are probably over 100, on every Comcast complaint site on the internet.  They have p---sed me off to that degree.


I'VE HAD IT WITH COMCAST!!!!!!!!  And, you'll see, there will be NO REPLY & NO ACTION to rectify this.   It's already been proven by your, mine, and countless others who have been taken by this company.  


The proof is right here.  9 months after you post and I post, and who from Comcast answered this thread?  NO ONE!!!!!  That tells it all about Comcast.