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CDV Static and/or HSI Drops

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CDV Static and/or HSI Drops

I am posting this in CDV because I just upgraded to a Triple Play.  Prior to installing the new modem with voice, I rarely ever had to reset my Cable Modem.  Speedtest.net would regularly ping 11-14 ms, have a downstream of 18-24 Mb/s, and a constant upstream of about 4 MB/s.


Since upgrading to Digital Voice, Speedtest.net regularly reports ping up around 70-80 ms.  UL/DL seem to still be consistent, though I have seen some drops to as little as little as 4 Mb/s to the closest cities (San Francisco or San Jose).


Now I'm starting to experience mild to severe static on my CDV when I'm activity using the internet.  No, it's not my phone hardware, or the jack wiring, or anything else - I have a telecomm degree, I know how the wiring works, and it's all clean.


Tonight's big kicker was when I was surfing away just fine - smooth sailing - then my phone rang, and I took a call.  I lost all ability to surf.  No pages would load, it even hung one of my browsers that was in the middle of transmitting a form.  As soon as I hung up the phone, *POOF* everything was screaming again.


On a whim, I dialed out to a number.  I noticed that if I was loading a web page while the phone was ringing, I would have static until the page finished loading (ironically, I was loading Comcast Support).  When the other party answered, I could hear faint crackles every time I would load a page.


Is there a way to clear the modem cache?  For $140, this is insane.  I'll go back to 4 Mb/s on ATT DSL if it means it won't drop and it stays clean.


p.s. I think it's interesting that the "Check Spelling" function doesn't recognize "Comcast."  :-)

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Re: CDV Static and/or HSI Drops

Did you get a response?  I am having the same problem.