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Since I accidently turned off my modem while cleaning 2 weeks ago, both of my panasonic cordless phones show the wrong time on my caller id calls. It is 10+ hours AHEAD of my actual time. I have re-plugged in all equipment and even took out and put back in the phone batteries to no avail. The time has been correct all this time until this happened 2 weeks ago. Can anyone help? Thanks

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I have a similiar problem in that my caller id time is also 10 hours ahead of what it is suppose to be (since my latest incident which started on April 30). I had gotten Comcast Triple Play in January 2013 and have had this problem on and off since then. In the past, after a seemingly random number of days, it seems to "magically" fix itself. I live in NJ and was wondering whether you also live in NJ as I am aware of one other Comcast user who lives in NJ and who also has this same problem. I spoke to a Comcast service representative this morning and she insisted that the problem had to be with my particular caller id units as according to her, all caller id units have a way for the user to manually set their time and I should check with the manufacturer as to how this should be done. It will be interesting to see what kind of documentation if any, that Radio Shack can provide me that their particular units in question have no way for the user to manually set their times but instead rely on getting the appropriate time stamp signal from the phone company.


As a possible answer to your question, I have found one way of temporarily fixing this problem which you may be interested in. There is a company called Obihau which makes several units, the cheapest of which is the Obi 100 which costs about $40.00.  With this unit, you can currently get a free phone number from Google which will work with it. The Obihau unit gives you the capability to select whichever time zone you want to use so you will definately be able to get the correct time out of it on all of your caller id units. Once you get the Obihau unit set up properly to work with Google which is pretty simple, you can then go to the Comcast website and you should have a setting whereby you can request that your calls be forwarded to up to 5 different numbers simultaneously. So the end result should be that your incoming calls will ring on both your original phone line with the caller id time showing 10 hours later than it is supposed to be and ALSO on your Google phone number BUT showing the correct time. There are several disadvantages in using the Google method which I can go into if you are interested in; some of the disadvantages can be resolved by going with a more expensive service as opposed to the Google free service.


Please note that I have no affiliation with Obihau except for being a very satisfied customer of them and although I have the more expensive Obi 202 which costs about $80.00 and does work very well - from Obihau's documentation, the less expensive Obi 100 should be adequate for the problem which we are discussing here.


The best way to get this problem resolved would be for Comcast to fix this properly and my suggestion would be that if anyone else is experiencing this issue, that they post a message somewhere either here or elsewhere on the Internet as Comcast would be more likely to fix this problem if it is affecting more than 3 accounts. (As of now, I have only found 3 different postings on the Internet, including myself, who have posted about this particular situation.)

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Good grief. I am having the same problem in Arizona. I thought it was because they perhaps didn't have the modem set to the right time zone, since Arizona doesn't change its time back and forth like the rest of the country. Just spent HOURS on line with their chat support, and they of course assured me that the problem is my phone which NEVER had a problem with Century Link. The phone changes time on the display to an hour ahead whenever a new call comes in. Caller ID is set with the service provider and not with the phone. I have to manually reset my phone to the correct time after every call. Getting sick and tired after only two weeks of service with Comcast...just proving that the grass is not always greener. Sure we may have gotten a little cheaper price, but for what...constant aggravation!