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router or modem are they the same thing?

I have comcast cable for internet only.  I use directtv for tv use.


When directtv came and installed by digital house system they guy said that I needed a new router with more connections in the back of it for what looks like a phone line.  (the problem with directtv is that we can not order any movies, paid or on demand)


I ordered a new wireless router (netgear wbr1000).  I don't think this is what I needed? do I need a new Modem? Wireless?  Is a router and modem the same thing?  


Confused.  What service comcast, or directtv do I need out here to fix this?

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Re: router or modem are they the same thing?

Keep the Modem.  It converts the Comcast signal for use by the router or the computers.

Power down the MOdem

Connect the separate WAN port on the router to the ethernet port on the Modem.

Power up the modem

Power up the router

Connect the computers and the phone to the Router

power up the Router and then power up the computers and phone

Should be good for you3

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Re: router or modem are they the same thing?

I have no experience with DirectTV so cannot comment on that service at all. 


Your Comcast HSI service is provided through the cable modem and you need to keep that.  If you want to add a rotuer behind it to connect more than one computer or device to the modem, that's fine too and has nothing to do with DirectTV.


Do you mean a Netgear WNR1000 N150 Wireless router?  I do not see a WBR1000.  If you mean the WNR1000, then that router will work fine behind the Comcast cable modem, just remember to power cycle (ie remove the power cord for a 10-15 seconds) the modem after you disconnect the computer but before you connect the router.


When you say "more connections in the back of it for what looks like a phone line", I assume you mean ethernet RJ-45 jacks and not regular RJ-11 phone jacks for actual phones, correct?  If your modem supports phones with Comcast Voice service, then instead of the above power cycle, use the Reset switch on the back.


Just to avoid confusion here, exactly what cable modem do you have?  We're looking for the model number here.