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Wireless Access Point and Xbox connection

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Wireless Access Point and Xbox connection

I have a Linksys WAP11 802.11b access point connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 router to allow wireless access for my laptop downstairs, with the router connecting to my Comcast cable modem. I bought an Xbox wireless adapter to use with my son's Xbox 360 via the WAP11 to the router. However, I cannot get the Xbox adapter to stay connected and the signal drops frequently.
I have no problems with my Toshiba Centrino laptop using its 802.11b internal wireless adapter getting a connection. The signal strength is always excellent. I am using WEP for security because that's all the WAP supports. The router assigns IP addresses to the Xbox and the laptop properly, but with the laptop on or off the Xbox just won't stay connected.
However, the Xbox 360 wireless adapter just cannot seem to hold its connection. It comes and then goes sporadically and is basically useless other than just browsing of the Xbox Marketplace. It will allow him to sign on and browse a few things but cannot seem to connect continuously to download anything.
We've tried moving the antennae and moving the Xbox around but, absent moving it upstairs near the WAP where there is no TV, haven't been able to get it to stay connected. I am a renter and am limited to what I can do, don't want to string 50 feet of CAT 5 cable up the stairs, and would like to get the Xbox adapter to work since it cost $100 and was a birthday present.
The laptop has no problems so I don't think it could be interference. The distance from the Xbox to the WAP is about 20-30 feet, although that's going from the ground floor to the second floor. But the laptop -- and its three years old (very first generation of Centrino laptops) has no problems with this, so why should the Xbox adapter have problems staying connected?
I realize this may be more of a Microsoft issue than a Comcast issue but it seems there are people here who might know how to solve this. I was thinking all the connections may be slowing it down and causing disconnections. Would it be better to consolidate the WAP and the router (non-wireless capable) and buy a wireless router? Or is there some configuration fix that might get the Xbox wireless adapter to stay connected?
Your guidance is most appreciated.
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Re: Wireless Access Point and Xbox connection

What model wireless adapter for the Xbox 360? If it is a Wireless-g (54Mb/s) model, you may have to find a way to force it down to Wireless-B (11Mb/s). I'm not that familiar with Gamig adapters...my 360 is wired, but with some experience of wireless networking, that was the first thing that came to mind....the other thing to consider...is there a cordless phone near the Xbox, or a microwave oven in the vicinity...they may be interfering with the signal...


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