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Track shipping of router?

When I got my cable modem installed last Wednesday, I was told about receiving a router at no additional charge.  I ordered one that very day.  I was told delivery would take 3-5 business days.  It has now been 6 business days, and I have neither received the router, nor have I had any kind of confirmation from the post office.  Because I live in an apartment building and am usually at work when the mail arrives, I am very concerned that someone may have stolen the router.  Is there a way to track shipping of the router?  What do I do if it was stolen out of my mailbox?  I cannot afford to cover the costs of replacing a stolen router.

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Re: Track shipping of router?

We are customers just like you, we have no way of knowing when or if your router was shipped.  You shold call Comcast and ask them.  However, the router order age says this:

Important information regarding your order:

  • One-time shipping and handling fee of $9.95 for a Self-installation Kit or one-time professional installation fee applies.
  • Wireless routers ordered with a Self-installation Kit will be delivered within 4 weeks, depending on availability
  • Wireless routers are property of Comcast, and must be returned if service is cancelled.
  • Router availability varies by area.
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Re: Track shipping of router?

did you get your router yet  if not  i had same problem too. talk with comcast live chat they will help you they helped me