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Self Install

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Self Install

So I ordered the Internet and Cable package and I chose to self install.  The parts are supposed to be shipped today and someone was supposed to set up the outside of my house.  Currently I have Direct Tv but I will be cancelling once I set up Comcast.  A couple questions


What router/modem can someone suggest I buy? I chose not to rent as it is more economical to just buy one (preferrably two in one like a Gateway)


Will I have to cancel Direct TV before Comcast will work?


And what should I expect with this whole installation process?  I have read people's stories online but cannot get a firm grasp on what to expect.  No one installed anything inside, will it be too hard for me?  Sorry this is so long guys.

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Re: Self Install

A gateway makes a neater installation.  One unit instead of two.

That said. a gateway sort of complicates troubleshooting of connectivity issues.

As for the modem you want to get a Docsis 6 compliant modem with a gigabit ethernet port.

Choosing the Router is where all the fun is.

You want Gigabit Lan and wan ports.

Dual Band wireless N and wireless G  gives you the speed and power of wireless N  but maintains compativility for wireless G devices such as Smart Phones and older computers and laptops that are running with wireless G adapters.

Parental controls and Content filters are a factor for some folks

A UsB port to accomodate a usb Hard drive for backup across the network or Streaming media sharing is nice.

DLNA capability for sharing media from your smart phone is available I think??

Separately Adjustable Power for the N and G transceivers is good

Capability for Port forwarding is good if you want to do a remote monitor of alarm and home monitor systems.

The ability to allow or deny remote access of the router for command and control would be nice if you are going to be out and about quite a bit of the time.


If the Direct TV is driving a compatible in home distribution system of coax cables, Comcast would probably just disconnect the Direct TV and connect the Comcast line to that. but you need to talk to the Comcast Sales folk about placement in your home ahead of the installation date.


Good luck with it and welcome to the Forum.  Hope it goes well for you.

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Re: Self Install

I have never done an HSI self-install, so I can't comment on the exact process from Comcast's side.  But on your end, it should be simple enough:


1. Assuming a good signal on your incoming coax line (provided by Comcast), attach a splitter (a decent model designed for digital cable broadband) to the coax line.  One side will be for the cable TV signal to your TV's, DVR's, etc. The other side will be for your cable modem and High Speed Internet connection.


2. Attach your cable modem (I recommend a Motorola SB6120) to one output side of the splitter, plug it in and call to have it registered.  Then connect whatever router you will be using (stick with on the larger name brands like Linksys, Netgear, or D-Link) to the modem's ethernet port, and your computers to the router via ethernet or wireless if they are so capable.  You should be good to go with the Internet.


3. Connect the other side of the splitter to your TV and/or DVR's or whatever other equipment needs a digital cable TV signal.


As for actual equipment, I highly recommned NOT going with a gateway all-in-one device.  They are trouble for many reasons - the firmware is not under your control, they lack some features, one part dies you have to replace the whole unit, the wireless performance on these devices tends to be sub-par, you can't upgrade one part without the other, and troubleshooting can be difficult.  And that's just for starters.  Get a separate cable modem and router.  I own the SB6120 mentioned earlier and it's been great so far.  I have used many models of Linksys routers and never been sorry.  I currently use an Apple 1TB Time Capsule (essentially an Airport Extreme Base Station) and have no complaints at all (other than it runs kind of hot).  I know many others who have and like various Netgear and D-Link models.  But without knowing your needs, it's hard to make a recommendation.  I would stick with a full speed N300 type wireless router, with simultaneous dual bands.  Gigabit ethernet ports are also desirable, but your choice, these are usually only found on the higher-end models.


There has been some discussion here lately about splitters.  Comcast techs and others recommend Antronix or Regal splitters designed for digital cable broadband, 5Hz to 1000Mhz.  Many say to stay away from the Radio Shack variety, but I use them here and have no issues to speak of, YMMV.  For cabling, use only high quality shielded RG6 coax with compression f-type connectors.  I think the self install kits come with a splitter and some cabling, so you may or may not need anything else.


As for Direct TV, you can cancel that whenever you want, the only issue is whether you will need any internal coax cabling for the Comcast connection that might currently be used by your DTV setup.


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Re: Self Install

Thank you guys for the information I am heading to Comcast today!

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Re: Self Install

JamesR wrote:you want to get a Docsis 6 compliant modem with a gigabit ethernet port
Is this a typo, or is there really something beyond Docsis 3 available?
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Re: Self Install

It's a typo.