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Re: Connecting my Netbook to Comcast Netgear Router

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Re: Connecting my Netbook to Comcast Netgear Router

I am trying to add this laptop to another laptops internet network. The security pin number is not accepted. I can't

remember how to get in router login to receive another number to use as the pin.



Also, I am trying to use Recovery Wizard for the other laptop. However, I keep getting this error message,:

08-0E89-000  partion creation failed. Would you tell me if you can, how to get past this and complete the recovery.


Both computers kept crashing, then we were not able to get into Windows 7. Recovery Wizard worked for one of the laptops, but not the other. his may be the result of the outage that was in our area.

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Re: Connecting my Netbook to Comcast Netgear Router

If by pin you are referring to a WPS setup, does the router have a WPS button?  If so, just use that as detailed here:




It's drop dead simple, but only works with router's with WPS certifcation and a WPS button.


If the router has no button, then you can find the address to log into the router by running ipconfig /all on your computer, and look for the default gateway field, that IP address is the addres of your router, so simply point your browser at that IP and login and you can change all of the router's setting, including the WPS PIN.


As for the recovery and partition errors, it's very unlikely that an outage of your Internet connection caused this, although it may well be that whatever caused the outage (power problem, etc) caused an electrical surge or spike that damaged your computer.  Not Comcast's issue as they can't control the weather or your power.  If you are trying to use the built in Recovery partitions built into many Windows laptop brands and are having problems, you should contact support at the manufacturer for assistance, thay are all different and they would best know how to help you.