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Modem problems

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Modem problems

My modem continuously turns itself on but does not show the online light as being lit up.  I don't believe it is connecting to the internet, but somehow new things keep getting downloaded onto my computer but the morning time.  I have now had to spend too much money to get these programs off of my computer.  Any ideas on what is causing this? Should I just request a new modem?

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Re: Modem problems

I'm confused here.  Your modem turns itself on... by itself?  Is it not always on?  Most modems do not have a power switch so once plugged in they are always on.  If it is not connecting to the Internet (actually Comcast), how are you posting here?


Your modem does nothing to download new things unto your computer, only your computer can do that.  If you mean your computer is infected with malware of some kind, that's certainly not caused by your cable modem, all it does is allow the computer to talk to the rest of the Internet, it does not do anything to iniitiate downloads, it's purely passive, simply sending and receiving data requested by your computer.  It initialtes and talks only to the Comcast CMTS systems that provide your underlying connection.


If you are paying money to have malware removed from your system, then you need to look into how the malware got there in the first place, which is usually because of some action the user took, such as downloading an infected executable, visiting questionable or malicious sites, responding to spam, etc .  One place you don't have to look is your modem.  If you were having a connection issue, like not being able to visit websites or send email, then looking at the cable modem might make sense, but not with a malware issue.


The only reason you would get a new modem is if your connection was slow or unstable and you had some evidence the problem as caused by the modem malfunctioning.


If you are having a malware issue, I would suggest a visit to the Security forum and read over the sticky posts there.  Then post your issue, providing as much detail as possible,  Be very specific about your computer like providing exact OS and software versions, exact antivirus used, verbatim error messages, etc.

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Re: Modem problems

Let me just tell you something. I use Kaspersky antivirus, and the ONLY TIMES I have gotten malware is when COMCAST changes my equipment. GO DADDY is behind COMCAST'S url when they tell you to type in the key : g237.com, YOU ARE GOING TO GET MALWARE. This isn't just a theory; it's my own experience.