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Mac- Airport Basestation

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Mac- Airport Basestation

I have a basestation that I would like to hook up. I took the ethernet cable from the modem and connected to the basestation (white with gray apple). My iMac and iBook have airport cards and I know the cards and basestation are good. I don't know if I am setting up the basestation correctly, but I don't get a connection to the internet. My iMac is running 9.2.2 and the iBook is running 10.2.6. I would like to share 1 IP if possible. What problems would I have with this?
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Re: Mac- Airport Basestation

The modem has already seen your MAC (ethernet address) from whichever computer you had it plugged into previously, so it won't let a different MAC (the Airport) talk. You need to power-cycle the modem to make it forget. Then, once it is completely initialized and sync'd, power up the Airport.

- Dan.
- Dan.
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