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Internet Connection Constantly Dropping Wired and Wireless

I am using a 5th Gen Airport Extreme router.  I have been losing connection for around 10-15 seconds at a time about every 10 minutes or so.  My indicators do not change in the task bar and it does not show the internet disconnecting.  This was happening with the wireless so I hardwired my computer to the router using ethernet cable.  This gave me an increase in speed but I am still having issues dropping connection every few minutes.  I am not an expert on networking so I am not sure why this would be happening all of a sudden.  I have not had any problems for about 8 months and it just started happening.


If you need any other details just let me know



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Re: Internet Connection Constantly Dropping Wired and Wireless

I too, am having trouble staying connected, but not to the extreme you are.  This is a new phenom for me.  I've good success with Comcast after a very rough start (when they took over my Adelphia account).  So, my question to Comacast is:  Why the connection issues?