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FiOS versus Xfinity Blast

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FiOS versus Xfinity Blast

This month, I swtiched from FiOS (15 download/5 upload) to Xfinity (25 down/50 up). I have a wireless TV in my basement that couldn't stream a movie before FiOS. I figured that I couldn't go wrong w/ the improved speeds that Xfinity offered so I switched over. My internet comes through strong if I plug my laptop into the modem/router, but the wireless signal is lousy. Some of the many Comcast reps that I've spoken to blame the gateway for this issue. None of them tell me that there's a solid alternative, however. I paid for Signature Support and wasted hours bridging to a wireless router and then reversing that change. The bridge dropped my signal precipitously for some reason. My gateway has been restored to factory settings now and the wireless is barely functional. My basement TV sometimes sees the internet but can't keep a signal long enough to show my Netflix titles. Does anybody have a recommendation? 

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Re: FiOS versus Xfinity Blast

Do what  most of us have done and that is to get Comcast to rent  you a modem or buy your own modem and then go out and buy your own wireless router. Get rid of your gateway, it will cause you nothing but problems.

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Re: FiOS versus Xfinity Blast

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wandod wrote:

This month, I swtiched from FiOS (15 download/5 upload) to Xfinity (25 down/50 up).

FWIW, there is no such "25 down / 50 up" Xfinity speedtier. Even if you got the figures reversed accidentally, there is not yet any 25 Mbps upload speed available anywhere on Xfinity HFC residential service.