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Does Comcast offer wireless Network Setup...

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Does Comcast offer wireless Network Setup...

...for a fee?

I have a new roommate who will need HS access and since I have SunRocket she would have to get a landline, SBC DSL plus Installation for DSL

I am just wondering if Comcast offers wireless networking with installation and approximately how much it would cost. I have slammed Comcast in the past but they have REALLY gotten it together (except their pricing) and think it would be better for her to share my connection than spend all that money for slower DSL
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Re: Does Comcast offer wireless Network Setup...

Do it yourself. Ask Baric for help on here. The "fee" is like $200, and if you do it through Comcast, you are leasing the router, and you have to pay an additional $3 a month ontop of your service and your modem rental. Save yourself tons of money and buy a router ($60-$70, unless you find a sale) and set it up yourself. Best Buy is a good place to buy routers. I would reccomend the Linksys WRT54G.

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Re: Does Comcast offer wireless Network Setup...

Why does it matter that you have SunRocket? The reasoning there escapes me.

I agree with AlisMan, just get a wireless router and you both hook up to it and share the Comcast bill each month. Yes, you can get Comcast to do it for a price. $99 is the standard "promotional" fee, but each wireless adapter is extra and there's is a monthly charge unless you buy the equipment up front. IT's not worth it, especially with Comcast's not so great support of the installed home network. Just do it your, go buy a Linksys WRT54G/GS router and be done with it. No charges from Comcast, no extgra monthly cost, etc. If your friend doesn't have a wireless adapter, she will need one (stay away from USB models).
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Re: Does Comcast offer wireless Network Setup...

I currently have Comcast's Home Networking, and have had it for a year. If I could do it over again, I would have done the setup myself and avoided a very hefty installation charge. Also, while perhaps the situation has changed, Comcast's technicians weren't very knowledgable about wireless networking a year ago.

I haven't canceled the Home Networking, figuring that I'm still amortizing the big upfront costs Smiley Wink I'm going to call Comcast and see if they can replace the 802.11b USB adapter that they provided last year. I typically get speeds of roughly 1200 kbps on the PC that's using the USB adapter. When I bring my Centrino Wireless G notebook home from work, I get noticeably better performance. And so I figure that the adapter is the weak link. We are using a Wireless G router that was provided as part of the installation package by Comcast.