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Comcast DNS Addresses

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Comcast DNS Addresses

I am considering assigning a static address to 1 computer behind by NetGear RP614. For example, The other computers would be dynamically assigned by the router.
When setting the TCP/IP protocal, I need to provide DNS numbers after assigning this number to the card. What are Comcast's DNS address?
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Re: Comcast DNS Addresses

The DNS servers you should be using are those local to you, as assigned by Comcast. To find your current assignments, look at your own IP stack.

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Re: Comcast DNS Addresses

That's going to depend on your location. Just use the web interface to your router to have it display its ip information which should include the ip's of the DNS servers in your area. For example. on my Linksys router, the DNS entires are listed under "Status".
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Re: Comcast DNS Addresses

Since your putting a machine with a static address behind your router. You can just use your router's internal IP address for the gateway and DNS server addresses. Wen you do that it'll forward those requests out to Comcast servers from your router.
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Re: Comcast DNS Addresses

If your other computers (DHCP assigned ip) are working and accessing the internet OK, the info you need will be on them. To access, click on start, run, and type 'command' and hit enter. A DOS like command window will pop up. Type 'ipconfig/all'. The DNS info you need will be displayed.