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deletion of videos

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deletion of videos

Dear Comcast,


How can you state that deletion of multiple video/pictures is solved?  You are "looking into new solution" which means that this issue is STILL OPEN!!!!


Give us a timeline when this issue will be resolved.  I am looking to replace this Junk system with another system at this time.  I am sure that many of other subscribers are thinking the same thing.


Not happy with this product ... also your tablet overheats too often.  Your tech replaced it 3 or 4 times already for one reason or another.


Official Employee

Re: deletion of videos

Hi JimmyJam2 -- 


I apologize for the frustration.  This is a feature we are working on implementing.  We do not have a timeline that we can share at this point.  I think you are referring to the "mark as solution" forums feature when you say that we've marked this issue solved.  This is a feature of the forums where the topic author or an admin can mark a forums thread as solved when they receive a reply they find suitably answers their question.