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Set number of rings

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Set number of rings

How do I set the number of rings before the voice mail operates?

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Re: Set number of rings


Login to xfinity

Go to preference/voice/call forwarding and rings

Where it say rings then set the number to what ever you like before sending it to voice mail.

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Re: Set number of rings

as usual, the help given is no good.


Setting teh number of rings only screws up my system today I went to that page and changed it from the 5 rings its been for y ears,  to 8 rings. Now my phone only rings only once an it hangs up on the caller.


Four hours later with tech support, they told me I cannot control the number of rings from the web page as that function does not work. She set it to 9 from her desk, we tested it and it works. Two hours later, I am now unable to get calls as it rings once  and hangs up instantly.


I have been on hold for three hours now, and have NO phone service. Great deal for $150 a month, huh.?


Here is a great hint I heard on the stupid menu system  " If you want to find out if your internet is out, go online and check it.. STOOOOOOPID!!!!



I would rather take out my own appendix with a warm spoon than deal with comcast. I know now one here cares, but they will get no more money out of me.. .

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Re: Set number of rings

I want to set my phone rings to 9. Right now it is 4 and I never reach it before it goes to voicemail.