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spinng wheel of death

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spinng wheel of death

Using OS 10.11.6 El Capitan. Have the Activity Monitor up. When I try to access an email, the %CPU climbs to 99+ and soon I have the spinning wheel of death. Have deleted history on Safari but does not help. Same things happens with Firefox. This ONLY happens when checking my email at Comcast.net.

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Re: spinng wheel of death

Many similar aspects for me - I have reinstalled El Capitan, blown away cookies as well as the Safari cache. Firefox as well as Chrome do the exact same thing. If I am lucky, read a few messages and POOF spinnorama and I have to close the tab, reload Xfinity and try again. I can maybe type a fw lines in a reply or new email and spin time again. 


I have now had to resort to read email by using Outlook or Apple's Mail application. 


I really believe that the Mac is being teeated as second or event third class.


Re: spinng wheel of death

Same thing here.  This comes and goes.  Happened on Wednesday, and last week and then cleared up.  It is back today. I too have done all the usual stuff to no avail.  All other web pages work fine.  It is a Comcast problem, but I've yet to se anyone from Comcast on here explaining it at all.  There have been multiple threads about this.

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Re: spinng wheel of death

There are several threads about the same thing: the spinning wheel of death on Comcast.  I have the same issue and it seems to me that if we are paying for a service we are not getting that we should be getting a refund from Comcast.  The FCC wsould not be happy to know that people are paying for a service and it is not being delivered nor are solutions being generated.