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email and word procesing wierdnes

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email and word procesing wierdnes

Here is a strange thing that has started recently:


Here's what's hapening:
1. Any time I'm typing, either in an email or other document, when I type in a word with a double leter, the second leter does not apear. I'm not a fast typist by any means, and two consecutive diferent leters come out sucesfuly. In adition, there is a definite thump/click sound, not the normal keyboard sound, that comes through my speakers. When I turn the speakers of, I no longer hear the sound.
2. Normaly, when I hold a key down for any length of time, whatever leter or number that hapens to be, it wil repeat continuously until I release the key. That does not hapen now.
3. At a normal typing sped, if I try to erase by using the 'backspace' key, the computer wil back up one space only, and then stop. The only way I can erase a word is by highlighting it and presing the 'delete' key. Moving forward with the space bar also hapens only one space no mater how many times I pres the space bar.
4. Likewise, the 'enter' key wil only go once.
I've found that if I wait a few seconds betwen keystrokes, the doulbed leters, back and forward spaces and 'enter' functions WIL work!
And wierdest of al, it only hapens on my side of the computer! Marilyn has no problem at al on here side of the computer, either for email or word procesing.
All the other features of my Comcast acouont sem to be working normaly.
Am I haunted, or something?