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e mail inbox

Just joined, so I do not know if this topic has already been addresssed, but some time ago my inbox started lumping all e mails of a similar topic into a single listing.Instead of getting all my inbound messages listed in a nice chronological order, I now get a single listing of ten or more "daisy chain" e mails (including the original, my responses, any reply messages , and any forewarded messages... many from different senders; all under one listing and all dated as to the most recent submittal.


In the past I got a nice listing of each e mail seperately, listing date, sender and topic. I was very happy with that system. I could sort through a single listing to find a specific e mail, from a specific sender, and at an approximate date of the message. If I wanted them "clumped together" I would set up a file and "move" them.


MY question, Did I do something that caused this change in inbox storage methodology? If so, what can I do to reverse the setting?  Otherwise, is there some way to go back in time and undo the setting?


Thanks in advance to anybody who responds