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Seagate drives

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Ok, I have an 8 month old Seagate 80 Gig 7200RPM Ultra ATA drive that will not boot. It says there are bad sectors in the boot section of the drive. Now, can anyone give me suggestions as to how I can recover the data on that drive?

I have several pictures of my girlfriend and family, files like music and code (for a Phpbb board, Proboard, Invision Free Board and Hyperboard), programs (newest Firefox, Thunderbird, Limewire, Shareaza, WS_FTP LE) and the like that I would like to rescue before I reformat the drive (It's software related, not hard drive damage) and repartition for installation of Win98 and FreeBSD (for messing with and figuring out)I would appreciate any response I can get from you.
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If you have another drive put it the messed up drive as a slave (configuring the good drive as master). Open windows explorer and find the files you want. Either copy them to the good drive or burn them to cd/dvd.

Also if the hard drive is reporting bad sectors and it is affecting boot I would RMA it. Bad sectors are in fact "hardware" the only time software comes into play is that it will normally recognize them and not use the space.
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You can also try this:
Many people have had good luck with it.