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POP3 issues

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POP3 issues

There must have been an "upgrade" in comcast emai

I suddenly can not receive email through Outlook 2016. (POP3).

Yes.. my network settings are correct and all that. It was working perfectly and now this sudden issue.

I call comcast support 3 times and all 3 support people are quick to say that it's an Outlook problem since i am able to receive my email through the web and through my phone. I did not have the patience to lecture the support person that their answer can never be more wrong, so i just went with it.


When launching Outlook 2016, i get this.




My POP3 settings is:



Help would be appriciated.


Thank you.

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Re: POP3 issues

I am facing the same issue using IMAP and port 993 and smtp ports 465

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Re: POP3 issues

I'm having the same problem with Office 365 (always up to date) with latest version of Outlook.

I've never had trouble before.  I have not made any changes to my Outlook.settings.  I'm using mail.comcast.net with port 995 and smtp.comcast.net with port 587.

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Re: POP3 issues

I tried this: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Repair-an-Office-application-7821d4b6-7c1d-4205-aa0e-a6b40c...

Office application repair.  Initial attempts have worked.  We'll see what happens.  On the other hand, I sent an email to my comcast.net email address and received the following error:


  This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.     

Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently:

   * xxx_username_xxx@comcast.net

Reason: Permanent Error


Re: POP3 issues

Outlook has slowly been having issues with just my comcast email accounts this year.  I've used the program for over 20 years on various computers, always set it up myself.  I didn't make any changes to the program, nor do I believe there is a problem with the program itself.  I started a thread asking for the updated server information, pointing out the ones pinned at top no longer work.  Yesterday I backed up 2 of the accounts and deleted one of them from outlook, tried to set it up again and nothing I did worked. Not even repairing the original set up worked.  I called today and was given the same information that's out there and was eventually told to call outlook support because that's where the problem is. 


More outlook users who are having problems need to speak up. I doubt it's outlook and since I bought office, I can't just uninstall outlook and reinstall it.  It's all or nothing with that. 

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Re: POP3 issues

The Office repair tool fix may not have actually fixed anything.  The problem with my POP3 account appears to be intermittent.


I do not get a normal error message in Outlook.  What happens is I get the dialog box:


Enter your user name and password for the following servers:

Server: mail.comcast.net

User Name: my_name@comcast.net

Password: ******


Is this the same message that you are getting?  It appears that there might be a log-in issue for me.

I called Comcast tech support and the Comcast CSR will not help as the email does work in my internet browser.  He says it is an Outlook problem (which is possible though I don't think there has been an Office update in the last few days).  He would not check to see whether other users are experiencing an issue with their POP accounts on Comcast.


As previously posted, it will be helpful if other people using POP accounts contact Comcast and post on this thread.


Re: POP3 issues

This is what I'm getting. 






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Re: POP3 issues

Issue is not with Outlook. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 VM and installed the Office 2016 suite. I still get the same error.

I have installed nothing that would alter the POP3 on my end nor have i made any configuration settings. Email through POP3  was working with no issue then it stopped.

It's impossible to talk to support! 2 of the 3 support persons did not know what i was talking about when i mentioned "POP3".


Where is Comcast support? And i don't mean the people on the phones! Dont their email administrators monitor the health of their email?

Don't tell me they are dropping support of POP3!!! That would be totally outrageous!


Is flooding this forum with messages about an issue the only way to get their attention?



Can i get a real support person to check on this and reply to this email?

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Re: POP3 issues

I'm having the same problem which started Dec 16.  It seems to be a problem caused by changes made by Comcast affecting Outlook (some users having same problem with IMAP - so not POP3 specific). 


What's odd is I have 5 other Comcast accounts set up with the exact same settings and they run fine.  I even tried creating new accounts (in case the account data was corrupted) with the same (and also ones with different) settings and none of them work.


Re: POP3 issues

It actually happened at different times with my accounts.  Some days one or two were fine, other days they were all having issues. 

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Re: POP3 issues

Your post has been removed to a secure, hidden area for violating Forum Guidelines [circumventing the language filters]. If you are not familiar with the Guidelines you may review them here. Forum Guidelines Your post has been removed to a secure, hidden area for violating Forum Guidelines [ ]. If you are not familiar with the Guidelines you may review them here.

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Re: POP3 issues

Tell me where did i "circumvent the language filter"?  You did not provide a link to your Guidelines.


So has my POP3 issue been addressed?

It now takes up to 2 minutes just to check if i have email.


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Re: POP3 issues

Hi Anon626909,


Are you still experiencing issues with checking your email or does it seem as if the issue is resolved?

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Re: POP3 issues

I also started having POP e mail issues with Outlook around mid December.  The issue is either no or very slow retrieval of e mail from the comcast servers.  I also found other complaints about this  but they were related to an MS update from November having caused the issue.  This is not the first time that that has occurred.   The issue apparently has to do with IPv6 and IPv4 adrresses and apparently the failure to reach the comcast servers using ipv6 and the DNS servers .  Whether it is comcast or Microsoft the ( at least temporary ) fix is to replace  the Pop3 outlook settings for comcast in the outlook configuration .

For incoming mail Instead of mail.comcast.net  use      For outgoing mail instead of smtp.comcast.net use    .


The ports and other configuration settings for pop e mail in outlook remain unchanged.

Using those IPs resulted in immediate retrieval of my mail after having the super slow or failures over the last few weeks  . 

Note that if comcast changes the addresses of their servers you will have to find the new IPs or re-enter the standard setup and hope that MS has corrected the issue in another update.


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Re: POP3 issues

I stayed with the mail.comcast.net & smtp.comcast.net settings because my email started to work again... until Wednesday 1/10.


I then used & but unforetunately, it's no go.


I am again gettting POP3 receive errors-
Task 'denborja@comcast.net - Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'


I will run an Office Update on my systrem.


Please advise.





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Re: POP3 issues

The issue seemed to have fixed itself but it was taking too long of a time for checking on receiving.


I am still experiencing email receive issues (pop3) and have not received email via Outlook since 1/10.


Please check and correct..

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